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About Us

Do you feel the power and strength, when you look into the holy Golden Lion’s eyes? There is a legend you need to know: when ancient tribes found the cave, and dared to enter it, a sculpture of the Golden Lion was lighting up the darkness inside. They began to worship and praise the mighty Lion spirit, as they believed he would bring them prosperity and many long years of life. And so he did. Golden Lion brought the nations many long days and nights of entertainment, hundred of games, and big winnings. Read more

To make sure this wealth and joy would last forever, we decided to build and establish the Golden Lion online casino, in the name of the mighty Lion. In return, the spirit of the sacred animal agreed to protect and care about everyone who enters the holy temple of the Golden Lion casino. He also does everything to entertain our players with all kinds of fun games, secret and unique bonuses; as well as some precious mounds of gold you may get while playing!

Golden Lion values all our contributions and sacrifices, that’s why he passed all his knowledge and wisdom to our Customer Support team. We’re ready to solve any of your issues or queries, 24/7.

Nobody has ever doubted the greatness and the glory of the Lion, and neither should you. Golden Lion protects its players from the evil and won’t allow anybody to harm you. All you need to do is to praise the Lion, and he will reveal all his secrets to maximize your gaming fun! Hide

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